How to link my favorite Genie or High Definition DVR online?

Before beginning

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Look Internet connection on the computer or mobile gadget. If they link, your very own Genie or DIRECTV HD DVR will be able to nicely.

Observe: a minimum of connections increase of 750 Kbps is needed to receive video clip when needed, 72-hour rewind*, and TV set apps, but 2Mbps or higher is preferred. You can test your Internet travel with this means.

Should you decide dont experience the low expected speeds, get hold of your isp. If youre an AT&T clients, possible immediately diagnose problems below.

*72-hour rewind available on locate passage. Read in this article for details.

Select your own Genie or DIRECTV High-definition DVR

Note: devices were indexed in order from most recent to oldest. Connect the best radio style at your residence for starters, then this remainder will hook quickly.

Not sure which recipient model you have got? Lets determine!

Good! At this point, lets link the Genie or DIRECTV high-def DVR to the Internet.

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Stop by diet plan

Media EATING PLAN on remote control.

Link Today

Use the pointer tactics on the isolated going off and select options (join today). Within eating plan display screen, identify Connect These days.

If you see Reconnect today, choose that as an alternative and stick to this.

Determine simple tips to link

Youre very nearly there! There are several various ways to connect with cyberspace.

For maximum success, we recommend linking with an Ethernet cable tv for a reliable connection (apart from H44, may only get connected to Wi-Fi).


Physically hook your very own Genie /HD DVR and websites network router with an Ethernet cable. As soon as theyre involved, choose sample connections if persuaded. Mention: this might just take a few minutes, so provide it with time.

If you are experiencing difficulty attaching, locate in return on rural to attempt linking with a wireless option.

Nevertheless can not join?

Resume your router disconnect it for a few seconds, then select it in.

Speak to your Internet service provider. If AT&T will be the Internet service provider, you may swiftly test out your series or figure out if theres an outage here.

Use cam box within the page (if available) or label Customer Care at 1-800-531-5000 and well assist you through an alternative.


Congrats, youre related! You have the means to access traditional television shows, strike cinema, and all things in between with DIRECTV On Demand, you can utilize 72-hour rewind*, and a whole lot. Find out more on you skill because youre installed below. Satisfied monitoring!

*72-hour rewind available on choose programs. Determine right here for facts.

Instant watching velocity found. Screen will vary considering your Internet increase. Contents and development readily available is dependent on your DIRECTV offer.

Identify way below

Push-button Setup/WPS lets you link their Genie or High-definition DVR for your Wi-Fi circle quickly. What you should carry out happens to be move the WPS button your cordless device.


Identify Set-up Wireless.

Step Two

Click on your isolated.

Step 3

See your cordless network router and look for the WPS icon. It ought to look like this:

Hit the WPS key plus device will immediately hook up to the online world.

Mention: this can simply take minutes, therefore provide it time.

If you are experiencing difficulty connecting instantly, locate back once again about rural to pick your own Wi-Fi community and come into the password.

Nevertheless can not be connected?

Resume your very own network router unplug it for many mere seconds, then connect it way back in.

Get hold of your isp. If AT&T will be biker dating sites te bevrijden the isp, you could potentially immediately test thoroughly your range or figure out if theres an outage in this article.

Use the speak box about this web page (if offered) or name customer satisfaction at 1-800-531-5000 and well show you through an alternative.


Congrats, youre hooked up! You now have the means to access classic TV shows, hit films, and everything in between with DIRECTV On Demand, you can utilize 72-hour rewind*, a whole bunch more. Find out more on what you can do because youre attached below. Pleased monitoring!

*72-hour rewind on choose passage. Find out right here for things.

Immediate seeing performance shown. Monitor can vary based around your Internet speed. Contents and developing available will be based upon your own DIRECTV deal.


Identify Setup Cordless.

Step Two

Select their Cordless network. (do not visit your Wi-Fi community? Pick Enter identity to type they in or Locate circle Not mentioned for more tips.)

Step 3

Type your very own password (case-sensitive) along with your isolated, then pick Continue.

Note: this could just take a few minutes, hence give it time.

If youre experiencing difficulty joining, choose right back to the isolated to utilise Push Button build.

Nonetheless cant link?

Resume your network router disconnect they for a few a few seconds, after that get it back in.

Get hold of your Internet service provider. If AT&T has to be your Internet service provider, you’ll be able to rapidly examine your line or decide if theres an outage in this article.

Make use of the speak field about web page (if available) or call customer satisfaction at 1-800-531-5000 and well guide you through a way out.

Step 4

Congrats, youre connected! You now have access to traditional television shows, strike movies, and all things in between with DIRECTV On Demand, you are able to 72-hour rewind*, and more. Discover more about your skill because youre hooked up in this article. Pleased viewing!

*72-hour rewind on locate stations. Witness here for info.

Quick enjoying fast proven. Screen varies predicated on your online speeds. Articles developing readily available lies in their DIRECTV offer.